Pennywort is an extremely familiar plant species to the Vietnamese people. We can easily see this plant in familiar water stalls, cafes or restaurants. This plant also appears in family meals as a traditional vegetable.
Since ancient times, Pennywort has been used in Oriental medicine since early on for its great benefits. And to this day, cheeks are widely used not only as a dish but also in research and use in Oriental medicine, Western medicine.

According to Oriental medicine, Pennywort has heat-clearing, liver detoxification and diuretic effects. Besides, people also use vegetables to make a medicine to treat gas damage, baby rash, boils, bloody blisters or disinfect wounds in addition very effectively.
According to Western medicine, Pennywort has a great effect in the division and development of skin cells, forming connective tissue. Therefore, they become an ingredient in certain skin creams and cosmetics to help fade wrinkles, freckles, crow’s feet, …
In addition, the Asiaticoside ingredient in Pennywort helps the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy. The sick person, besides using medicine, can also combine drinking water on the cheeks, the body condition will quickly decrease.
Pennywort is also effective in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, balancing and stabilizing content, maintaining and maintaining health. At the same time, the juice also works in eliminating toxins that accumulate inside the body, protecting the liver and preventing liver diseases.
Pennywort is very good for the elderly, because it will help improve memory, work on the central nervous system, and help the brain function better. In addition, the ingredients in Pennywort also help prevent cancer, metastatic cells go to organs in the body.

In folklore there are many remedies handed down from the herb that are extremely useful. It’s also quite simple and you can do it yourself at home.
– Cure jaundice: Use 35g of freshly washed cheeks with 30g of phen sugar and 1 liter of water. Sac until about 2 bowls of water, stop to drink.
– Treatment of constipation: Use 35gr of freshly washed and crushed chives. Take the residue and place it on your belly button for 1-2 hours. Constipation will be greatly improved.
– Treatment of bloody urination: This is a symptom of a hot body that needs to be cooled and detoxified. You just need to take about 35g of plants, wash and crush, squeeze the juice to drink every day until this situation ends.
– Treatment of diarrhea: Use 35gr of fresh chives and water to wash the rice. Drink 3 times / day, the condition will improve.
Cure ulcers in the back area: Use 35gr of freshly washed chives, put them in a mortar to crush, squeeze water. Then use this juice mixed with glutinous rice flour into a paste. You apply this mixture on your back, do it regularly, every day to see the best effect.
– Treatment of measles: The way to use Pennywort to treat measles is almost the same as treating jaundice. You just need to sharpen about 35-45 grams of fresh chives with water and drink each day.
– Treat pimples: Use 35gr of fresh chives, wash, crush, squeeze the juice to drink. In addition, you use the pulp to apply on the pimple area. Do both of these steps regularly every day and after a week the boil will disappear completely.

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Koan Conella
Creative Copywriter